Thursday, February 20, 2003

There is something that really has to be said about the idiotic Shrubbery-driven No Child Left Behind Act
The law says that every racial and demographic group in each school must score higher on standardized tests every year; if any group fails to advance for two consecutive years, a school is labeled "needing improvement." A school that does not shed the label by improving students' scores may have its principal and teachers replaced and face other sanctions, including closing.
"This formula will generate some staggering statistics, because it doesn't distinguish between schools that fall short by just a little and those that miss the mark by a mile," said Michael E. Ward, president of the Council of Chief State School Officers and the superintendent of schools in North Carolina, where officials estimate that at least 60 percent of schools will be designated under the law as needing improvement. "I support the legislation, but I don't want it to collapse of its own negative weight."
What can we conclude from this? Here's mine - the No Child Left Behind Act is a GOP trojan horse designed to abolish the public schools. If more than half of the schools are deemed as failing and deserving of no less than a nuking by this act, what other conclusion can be drawn?

Eternal shame on any Democrats who actually voted for this shameless garbage.

[link via today's Daily Howler]

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Thos Germans sure are treacherous about the war on terror. They're so treacherous, they made John Ashcroft look bad by getting a conviction of someone who helped out Mohammed Atta when Atta was in Hamburg. By actually doing more that the U.S. Justice Department instead of going to the media whores claiming to do something, Germany cemented their treachery once and for all.

Just ask the chickenhawks in the Shrubbery. They'll tell you. [snicker]

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I've had an idea for a SNL-type sketch for a while, and given the wretched right's propensity for calling those who don't toe their line anti-American, it should still work.

Scene is something like O'Reilly's shoutfest. He has four guests. Naturally the host has some kind of flag pin. The first guest's pin is larger, so the host trades his pin in for something even bigger. The second guest's pin is about the size of a 3x5 index card. By the time they get to the third guest, that pin is so huge that it covers the entire facial area, making him sound really muffled. Fourth guest who has a normal pin complains because he can't understand a word the third guest says. In the middle of this, host interrupts, accuses small-pinned guest of hating America for being against the flag. Host goes further by demanding to cut off fourth guest's mike.

I can so see that happen for real on Hannity & Colmes or O'Reilly's show.

New blog Very Very Happy has about 1000 hits in its first week of existence, owing to a rather prolific output and the use of hate radio jock Michael Weiner, er, Savage as a punching bag, among other things.

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