Friday, March 14, 2003

War's about to break out partly due to the Shrubbery's faking of intelligence reports claiming that Iraq has nukes. North Korea really does have nukes while none of the Shrubbery seems to care. So I'm going to do what comes naturally and talk about baseball.

No not Bob Uecker getting into the Hall of Fame (broadcasting). The big topic is Mike Piazza's reaction to being hit by minor leaguer Guillermo Mota in a spring training game. Short story - Piazza charges mound, Mota throws glove at Piazza, then backs up into dugout after whole Mets team comes after him, then hightails it away from the park.

Now for some more relevant facts. The Dodgers are owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns right-wing Faux News and the NY Post. He also managed to drive Sandy Koufax, arguably the greatest pitcher ever, away from the Dodgers over Murdoch's Post spreading rumors that Koufax is gay (he ain't). The same NY Post has also spread rumors that ex-Dodger Piazza is gay (he ain't). Now Mota of the Dodgers goes headhunting for Piazza in spring training for a second time (he plunked Piazza last year, too). I'm hearing all this and thinking that there were some orders from on high to get Piazza. This isn't like the natural crosstown thing between Piazza and Roger Clemens of the Yankees. That incident looked like more than it was. This is a case of a gutless pitcher going after someone twice, then running away when it gets hot. So I ask...

  • Is Mota's hit-and-run part of the Dodger way now seeing as Faux and the NYPost are the same way?
  • Is Murdoch sending someone after Piazza to stick another needle in him for leaving the Dodgers?
  • Is Mota just a coward by his own damn self?

    Evidence for #2: Murdoch bought the Dodgers a few months before Piazza was traded away. Piazza had played the 1997 season (his best) avoiding contract negotiations knowing that the O'Malleys were about to sell the team. Murdoch's purchase sealed Piazza's decision not to return to the Dodgers when his contract was up at the end of 1998, so Piazza was traded. See gay rumors for the rest.

    More: it should come as no surprise that the only sports radio outlet ganging up on Piazza (for not brawling with Clemens) while giving Mota a free pass is Murdoch's Fox Sports.

  • Thursday, March 13, 2003

    Bill Safire just knows that them Frenchies are conspiring to help Saddam build weapons. To which I say caveat emptor, or, "Remember how Hillary Clinton's indictment was imminent?" I'm guessing that Mighty Wurlitzer player Michael Ledeen will include Safire's usual innuendo as part of the "evidence" of his allegation that France is using radical Arabs to destroy the US.

    Bill Safire, the creationist journalist - draw curve, then plot points you want to see.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2003

    Take Back The Media! found that Michael Weiner Savage is backed by a cult headed by Grants Pass, OR nutjob Roy Masters. As a result, what the Savage Wiener says on the air is quite similar to known Roy Masters quotes.

    They must be the ones that have the billboards on I-5 near Grants Pass claiming that the Pope is the Antichrist. So that's another question to ask the Savage Wiener before he cuts you off - why do you believe that the Pope is the Antichrist?

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